A Plastic surgeon not only molds bodies, but changes lives as well.

Dr. Luis Fernando Loustaunau Caballero

Cirugía plástica estética y reconstructiva

What is Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery concerned with the repair of deformities and correction of functional deficits. Plastic is derived from the Greek Plastikos, meaning fit for molding; so the adjectives of re-constructive and aesthetics are sometimes misleading and redundant. Example ; cleft lip and palate.

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The term Plastic was introduced by Dr. Desault in 1798 and popularized by Dr. Zeis Since 1838.

Plastic Surgery is for the improvement of function and appearance, depending upon the area(s) involved, the characteristics of the tissues and the desire of each individual. That's why the importance of the physical evaluation is to Diagnose and offer Treatment options. It is impossible to Diagnose with photos or by phone .In summary, it addresses our appropriate concern that our outer appearance match our inner being.



Dr. Loustaunau has an extensive professional career with over 27 years of plastic surgery experience ranging  in different numerous procedures.



Luis Loustaunau

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